My first blog and a trip to Wentworth Castle

ben robson hull | photography

The Place

We visited Wentworth House Gardens on Saturday 22nd February. It’s not far from home and I’d been meaning to visit for a while. I hadn’t used my camera for about 3 months (apart from a couple of night shot experiments) and was itching to take some shots. I took quite a few shots around the gardens but the interest wasn’t great.This is the sham castle folly built in 1726 found in the gardens of Wentworth house just outside of Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UK.


The castle approach


 View from the tower

Wentworth Castle_Panorama-2-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit

The castle towers


The Lone Tree

Making the photographs

It was a very harsh light on a winter’s midday when we arrived so we had lunch in the cafe and waited for a bit better light. A few clouds moved in but it was still quite a flat grey sky and there wasn’t much colour around still…

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One thought on “My first blog and a trip to Wentworth Castle

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog Ben, and thank you for liking a post. I invite you to follow and welcome your comments! I look forward to seeing your work. Best, Robyn

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